How to fix your phone with your own hands – general tips

Как починить телефон своими руками

How to fix your phone with your own hands? This requires tools, manuals and proper preparation. As part of the review, we will consider only general tips. They can be useful for beginners who are facing such a task for the first time.

Important: if your phone is under warranty, it is not recommended to repair it. In this case, it is better to contact the service. If you have absolutely no basic knowledge and skills, you should also not fix your smartphone. You can ruin the gadget or hurt yourself.

How to fix your phone with your own hands – tips

First tip: be sure to make a backup copy of the data. If your smartphone is synchronized with another device, then data loss will not be terrible. However, in any case, think about the data before repairing the device.

Second tip: try to determine the scope of the problem: software failure or hardware failure. In the first case, you can do with firmware (formatting). In the second case, you will have to open the phone. And tools will be needed here.

The third tip: stock up on the necessary tools. The manuals for smartphones always tell you what tools are needed for opening. And/or replacement parts. Such manuals can be found and downloaded on the official websites of manufacturers.

Fourth tip: try to have a clean and comfortable workplace. Do not throw away small details from a smartphone. Firstly, they can be expensive. Secondly, not all the details can be found in the store around the corner. Some need to be ordered.

Fifth tip: turn off the power to your smartphone. Before you dig into the phone, you need to deprive it of current. Remove the battery, do not keep it charging. Handle the battery with extreme care. Lithium batteries are not an item that is suitable for jokes.

Sixth tip: keep your smartphone and its parts away from water. No manipulation of water. No need to wash parts in water, or the screen, or anything else that was in the phone. Water always leaves oxidations on the contacts. Such oxidations lead to failures.

How to fix your phone with your own hands – important points

The first important point: be sure to make sure that you can handle this repair. If you are not sure, it is better to leave the case to a specialist. Tools and parts cost money. Therefore, you do not need to buy all this just because of a one-time repair.

The second important point: it is impossible to repair a smartphone with improvised means. You can easily ruin the screen, cover or tear the cable. On some models, its cost can reach a third or a quarter of the price of the phone.

General Repair tips

Safety comes first. Always turn off your smartphone before starting repairs. Remove the battery. If possible. This will reduce the risk of electric shock. Or damage to device components.

Use the right tools. It is important to have the right tools for disassembling and assembling a smartphone. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the components or the housing of the device.

Take care of your workspace. Work on a clean and flat surface with good lighting. Use magnetic substrates or magnetic crayons. So as not to lose small details.

Record or photograph the process. When disassembling a smartphone, it is recommended to take photos or record a video of the process. To make it easier to assemble the device later. This is especially useful for those who have trouble remembering. Or for more complex smartphone models.

Smartphone Repair Tips

Be careful with the wires and connectors. Be careful when disassembling or connecting cables and connectors. So as not to damage the wires or connectors. Use gentle force and do not pull out the cables with a jerk.

Follow the instructions. If there is access to the user manual. Or an online smartphone repair manual, follow them. This will help to avoid errors and problems during the repair process.

Battery replacement. If there are problems with charging or battery life, replacing the battery can solve the problem. However, be careful when replacing the battery. In order not to damage other components or the battery itself.

Check the connections. When assembling the smartphone, make sure that all cables and connectors are properly connected. And securely fastened. Bad connections can lead to broken functions. Or incorrect operation of the device.

Use online resources. There are many guides, videos and thematic forums on the Internet. There you can find information about the repair of a specific smartphone model. Refer to such resources if you have any questions or problems during the repair process.

Do not hesitate to contact the professionals. If you have no experience or are unsure of your skills, it is better to turn to professionals. This will help to avoid additional damage and problems.