The laptop screen does not turn on

не включается экран ноутбука

The laptop screen does not turn on – any user can face such a problem. A laptop that doesn’t boot is always a concern. And even panic in some cases.

Often, a laptop not only serves as a source of entertainment. But also a repository of important data and documents. And now many have a place of work. Consider a situation where a laptop turns on, but can’t display anything on the screen.

Why doesn’t the laptop turn on?

In general, there are plenty of reasons for such a situation. This is the theme for several volumes printed in small print. But in a specific article we will consider cases when the laptop turns on, but the screen is black. That is, there is no image.

Some of the tips and situations are also applicable when the computer screen does not turn on. Although, there are a number of nuances that distinguish these digital devices. Perhaps, why the computer screen does not turn on, we will consider in another article.

The laptop screen does not turn on – reasons

If your laptop is still covered by the warranty, do not do anything yourself. Contact the seller or manufacturer immediately and ask for help. It is better to replace an Acer, HP, Sony or Dell laptop under warranty.

By the way, your data can be extracted at the service center. Also under warranty. And it’s better to always remember to make copies of important/personal data. However, if the warranty on your laptop has expired, you will have to act independently.

Follow a few simple steps to identify laptop problems. And then to eliminate the defect or failure. You will probably be able to repair the device yourself. Without resorting to the help of a service center.

The laptop turns on but the screen is black – possible reasons:

  • The cable is damaged;
  • Software failure;
  • Bad contact of memory modules;
  • The display backlight burned out;
  • Incorrect settings;
  • Hardware problems.

What you need to diagnose:

  • Stationery Eraser;
  • Phillips screwdriver No. 2;
  • Antistatic wristband (rubber gloves/grounding);
  • Additional monitor.

The laptop screen does not turn on – diagnostics

If the Lenovo laptop turns on a black screen, or any other model, follow the following algorithm.

  1. Disconnect the laptop from the network. Then turn it off and close the LCD screen. Disconnect the AC power cord and other cables from the laptop. Turn the laptop over and remove the battery.
  2. Use an eraser to clean the metal contacts on the battery. And also in the battery compartment. Remove any dirt or growths that may appear on the contacts. Remove the remaining eraser from the battery and battery compartment.
  3. Insert the battery into the compartment and connect the AC power cord and other cables. Make sure that the cable connections are tight. And that the battery is fixed in its compartment.
  4. Turn on the laptop and check if the image appears on the display.
  5. If it is not removable, that is, it is not removable by a separate module, then you will have to disassemble the laptop.

In some cases, such a simple operation helps to solve the problem if the Lenovo laptop does not turn on. You can also try to turn on the device without a battery. If the image does not appear, then proceed to the next stage of diagnostics.

Reinstalling the hard drive and RAM

Reinstalling DDR, in some cases solves the problem when the Asus laptop or other models do not turn on. At the same time, the indicators on the laptop may light up. But the screen doesn’t light up.

  1. Disconnect the laptop from the network. Next, disconnect the AC adapter and other cables.
  2. Close the laptop and turn it over.
  3. Find the cover for the DDR memory module. Most models have a memory slot cover with a small memory card icon. For more information, see the instructions for the laptop. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the official website.
  4. Remove the screw that holds the lid in place with the No. 2 screwdriver.
  5. Put on an antistatic bracelet and attach the other end to the metal surface.
  6. Unlock the clips holding the DDR in the socket. Remove the memory module and insert it back into the slot. Click on the DDR so that it snaps into place. Replace the memory cover slot and secure it with a locking screw.
  7. Turn on the laptop and check the display.

Reinstalling the hard drive on a laptop

If the computer does not turn on, a black screen may signal problems with the hard drive. A similar pattern is sometimes observed on laptops. In this case, you should reinstall the hard drive.

  1. Disconnect the laptop, disconnect all cables from it.
  2. Locate the hard drive cover and remove the locking screw.
  3. Remove the hard drive and re-insert it into the slot.
  4. If there is no such cover, then you will have to disassemble the device. For example, as on the Acer Aspire E
  5. Do the same for the CD/DVD drive.
  6. Assemble the laptop, connect the charger and turn it on.

If the laptop screen doesn’t turn on anyway, then try connecting an additional screen to it. Read on how to do this.

Checking a laptop with a spare monitor

  • Disconnect the laptop, disconnect all cables from it.
  • Connect the monitor cable from the backup external monitor to the VGA/HDMI or DVI video output. They are usually located on the back of a laptop. Some models have one of the side panels.
  • Turn on the laptop.
  • Wait for the LED indicators on the laptop to light up. Or the hard drive will start to make noise/spin. Then press the key combination Fn + switch button to the external monitor. For more information, see the instructions for the laptop. Press Fn and the monitor symbol key a couple of times. Check whether the image appears or not.

If an image appears on the monitor, the problem is related to the LCD screen of the monitor. In the event that there is no image on the monitor, the video card may be faulty. Although, the motherboard in the laptop may be faulty.