Android does not see the flash drive via USB OTG cable

Андроид не видит флешку

Android does not see the flash drive for various reasons. However, in the article we will look at the main reasons why Android does not see a USB flash drive via a USB OTG cable. It should be noted that a hard disk can also be connected via the specified cable.

In any case, the smartphone or tablet may not see the external device. There are several reasons for this. Let’s figure out why the phone does not see the USB flash drive. This information is relevant for Android versions 7-10, any brands.

Android does not see an external flash drive what to do?

First of all, you should not panic. It is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis. This will help determine the cause. Let’s start with the following points:

  1. The first connection of the media to the device is made;
  2. Everything used to work, but now the phone does not see the USB flash drive;
  3. The first connection of a USB OTG cable to a smartphone or tablet;
  4. The smartphone has never detected an external flash drive before;
  5. The device then sees, then does not see the flash drive.

Each of these cases may have different causes. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at each of the cases. So let’s get started.

The smartphone does not see the USB flash drive when it is first connected

What should I do if a Samsung or Huawei smartphone does not see a USB flash drive via USB OTG? The first thing to do is to try to change the USB flash drive or hard drive. The problem may be that the device does not support the connected device.

For example, LG Android TV does not see a USB flash drive of an inappropriate format. For example, Fat32, exFAT or NTFS may not be readable on Android devices. Or if it is larger than a certain volume.

Regarding the allowed volume for Meizu smartphones, etc., look for information on the official website. There you can also find information about the supported formats. This is also indicated in the instructions for the device. You’ve read it, haven’t you?

Please note that in this case there should be a connection sound. If it is available, then try to change the USB flash drive. It’s better to go to the one that was definitely connected to Android. If there is no sound, then look for another reason.

Why does the smartphone not see the USB flash drive?

If the Android does not see the flash drive and does not make sounds when connected, then the problem is different. For example, an HTC smartphone does not see a USB flash drive if it does not work. Yes, everything is so banal. Check the media on your PC or laptop.

However, if the flash drive was detected earlier, but not now, then we are looking for the reason further. For example, the Android version may not be suitable. Read about this on the manufacturer’s website. If the drive is running on a PC, and it is not being determined now, what is the reason?

The problem may be in the contamination of the USB connector. It can be ordinary dirt, dust, etc. Although, there may be oxidation. Check the connector. If there are problems, then fix them. You can read how to clean the USB connector on the website.

Android does not see the flash drive when the USB OTG cable is connected for the first time

In this case, it makes sense to check the cable itself. This can be done on another device. If it doesn’t work there, then the cable is probably damaged. If there is a guarantee, you can exchange the cable in the store.

Also, the problem may be that the smartphone does not support USB On-The-Go technology. For example, the old models of smartphones ZTE, Alcatel, Fly and others do not have such an opportunity. Again, check the device specification.

Android does not see the USB-flash periodically

If the Xiaomi smartphone does not see the flash drive periodically, then there are two possible reasons. First of all, this is a dirty connector. Which periodically loses connection with the device. The solution is cleaning the smartphone connector.

The next reason is damage to the cable. As a rule, this is the breakage of one or more conductors in a USB OTG cable. You can either replace the cable with a new one. Or disassemble it and restore the conductivity.

Other reasons

Sometimes, Lenovo, Sony, Nokia and others smartphones may not see the flash drive due to health problems. Infection with a virus, firmware failures can lead to the fact that Android does not see the flash drive. This often happens on custom firmware for Android.

The obvious solution to the problem is firmware. How to flash Android, you can read in a separate article. In severe cases, the problem may lie in the hardware of a smartphone or tablet. Then contact the service center.