The MacBook keyboard doesn’t work – what should I do?

Не работает клавиатура MacBook

The MacBook keyboard doesn’t work, what should I do? Sooner or later, every user of a popular laptop faces a similar problem.

The MacBook Air keyboard may not work for various reasons. No matter how reliable modern technology is, over time, wear makes itself felt.

Therefore, the longer you use the device, the more often you have to deal with breakdowns. First of all, the keyboard and battery are subject to wear.

As well as the charger connector and the lid opening mechanism. Fortunately, now it is not difficult to find spare parts on the Internet. And the replacement of the Macbook keyboard can be done with your own hands.

The MacBook keyboard doesn’t work – reasons

Before running to the store or ordering a part, it is necessary to diagnose and identify the cause of the malfunction. In addition to hardware failure, software errors are also possible.

Now let’s look at the main causes of the malfunction. So, among the most popular reasons, we can distinguish:

  1. Software failure;
  2. Getting dirt under the buttons;
  3. Disabling the keyboard matrix;
  4. Breakage of one of the tracks;
  5. Malfunction of the chip processing signals from the keyboard;
  6. Ingress of liquid and moisture on the contact surface;
  7. Oxidation and/or short circuit.
  8. Mechanical damage.

We will not cover the rarer causes of the malfunction. You can devote separate articles to them. Therefore, let’s focus on the most popular breakdowns.

And then we will consider how to diagnose them and, if possible, eliminate them ourselves. Let’s start with the diagnosis. It will help to save time and not to break firewood.

The MacBook keyboard does not work – diagnostics

A software failure is characterized by the fact that almost all peripheral devices fail. Occurs, most often, after updating or reinstalling the system, removing programs and cleaning the memory with an antivirus.

The main reason is the removal of drivers and components for interacting with devices. If there is dirt under the buttons, then there are two possible ways for the malfunction to manifest. Firstly, one or more buttons do not work. Secondly, the sticking of one button, as a result of which the entire keyboard fails.

In particular, the reason often arises due to crumbs falling under the keys. Therefore, try not to eat at the laptop or cover the keyboard with a napkin. The matrix of the laptop keyboard may wear out over time.

In particular, this will be manifested by the failure of single buttons, which are triggered only when pressed hard. Or the failure of a group of buttons, if one of the lines is damaged. A similar pattern will be observed when one of the tracks breaks.

MacBook Air Keyboard Repair

Now let’s briefly consider the basic steps for troubleshooting. So, the software failure is eliminated by reinstalling. Or updating, installing drivers. Dirt, oxidation, crumbs and liquid are eliminated by cleaning.

If the matrix has deteriorated, then it should be replaced. We order a new keyboard in the store. Next, we disassemble the device and change the damaged part. The same should be done in case of track breakage, short circuit and strong oxidation.

This is within the power of any neat and attentive person who can hold a screwdriver in his hands. And also remembers a little the Electricity section from the school curriculum. Strong mechanical defects of the keyboard can also be eliminated by replacement.

However, it should be remembered that in this case, other breakdowns are possible. For example, caused by a blow / fall, pushing, etc. Finally, the malfunction of the chip at home can not be eliminated. In this case, you should contact the service center.