iPhone 7 speaker does not work – what to do?

iPhone 7 не работает динамик

iPhone 7 speaker does not work – unfortunately, this problem can occur for any user. Any equipment fails sooner or later. This happens even if carefully used throughout the entire service life.

This is usually due to the fact that any part has its own service life. As a rule, many parts, including the iPhone speaker, can work for years. But, there are other reasons that lead to the fact that the part fails.

iPhone 7 speaker does not work

As a rule, there are two types of malfunction that can lead to the speaker not working on the iPhone 7. These are software and hardware problems. In some cases, the problem is solved quite simply and does not require contacting a service center.

But, in some cases, it is impossible to do without contacting the master. For example, when the iPhone 7 speaker burned out. Then you will need to replace the part. We’ll talk about how to change the iPhone 7 speaker in another article.

And now let’s try to differentiate the problem and solve it if possible. Identifying the problem will allow you to take action correctly. For example, whether you need to contact the SC or you can try to solve the problem yourself.

The iPhone speaker is working quietly

To begin with, check the volume of the call, whether it is worth silent mode, etc. This is basic advice, but it is often overlooked. Make sure that the call is enabled on the iPhone. Otherwise, the device will simply not make a sound.

Now, make sure that the iPhone volume is not too low. If the volume on the iPhone is too low, you may not hear the sound from the speakers. It is absolutely not necessary that there was a breakdown of the device.

You can accidentally press the silent mode switch or turn the volume down completely on the iPhone. So turn up the volume of the iPhone or even set it to the maximum. If it didn’t help, then we check further.

iPhone 7 speakers don’t work

Finally, make sure that the iPhone 7 is not in headphone mode. See if there is debris, lint, or other debris in the Lightning port (charging). In this case, the iPhone will constantly hang in headphone mode

Even if the headphones are not connected. The same thing happens with other smartphone models. If your iPhone thinks that the headphones are connected, the sound will not be played. And it will be broadcast through the speakers.

To get rid of this situation, follow these steps:

  • Press the volume buttons on the left side of the iPhone 7. If Headphones are indicated in the pop-up notification, then the iPhone is in headphone mode.
  • Use a flashlight to inspect the Lightning port. Or a headphone jack for the presence of lint, debris or any other debris.
  • If you see something stuck in the Lightning port, clean it out. Using an antistatic brush or a new toothbrush.

iPhone 7 speaker does not work

If the speaker does not work well on the iPhone 7, then check whether the sound is played in other ways. This one is needed to check if the iPhone is connected to other audio output equipment.

In this case, the iPhone sound is played through other devices, not through a smartphone. For example, via Bluetooth, Airplay, etc. To check and disable them, follow these steps:

  • Swipe up on the iPhone screen from the bottom up and enter the Control Center.
  • Turn off Bluetooth if it is enabled.
  • Tap the AirPlay icon and disable AirPlay mirroring.

Rebooting the iPhone 7

Rebooting is the easiest way to fix many problems with iOS. Including a broken iPhone 7 speaker. The ways to reboot the smartphone vary depending on the iPhone generation.

If you are using an iPhone 7, use the volume down and power on/off button to restart the device. But if you are using an iPhone 6s/6/5s, press the on/off button and the Home button at the same time.

Hold for 10 seconds to restart the device. After restarting the smartphone, check whether the iPhone 7 speaker is working or not. Often this option solves the problem with sound and other problems of the device.

Restoring iPhone in DFU mode

The DFU method is also a practical method of troubleshooting software problems. To apply this method, follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone 7 to your computer and open iTunes.
  • On the iPhone, press and hold the power and volume down button. On iPhone 6s/6 or older, press and hold the Home button and the power button at the same time.
  • After 8-10 seconds, release the power button. But keep holding down the volume down button or the Home button. Wait for iTunes to report: iTunes has detected the iPhone in recovery mode.
  • The iPhone display will be completely black if you have successfully entered DFU mode.

If it didn’t help, then try again from the initial step. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center. Especially if the smartphone is under warranty. If there is no SC, then contact an experienced master.