Sound doesn’t work in Windows 10: how to fix it?

не работает звук в Windows 10

If sound doesn’t work in Windows 10, then there are several solutions to the problem. You can try changing the default audio format. To make sure that the speakers are connected correctly. In addition, you can update the drivers.

Sound problems are not new in Windows operating systems. Almost every new version of the OS had problems with sound. And Windows 10 is no different. In the post we will focus on the causes of failures and solutions to problems.

Sound does not work in Windows 10 – reasons

Question: why did the sound suddenly disappear on my computer? Here is a small list of common reasons why there may be no sound on the PC:

  • a malfunction of the sound card (due to wear);
  • changing the sound settings – it is possible that installing a new program has changed the settings;
  • damage, aging, or removal of drivers;
  • an operating system update that brought down drivers or settings.

It is important to add here that the reasons can be conditionally divided into two groups – the program or hardware. Before you get into the software, check whether the speakers are working, whether everything is normal with cables. Is everything on the hardware side clean?

If everything is fine from the cables, speakers and hardware of the device, then go to the software. Problems with drivers are sometimes solved by installing the usual universal version. But before the drivers, check the sound system settings.

Why is the Realtek sound not displayed?

Well, if a Realtek sound card is installed on the PC, and you are faced with a sound problem, then the reasons for these failures are listed below:

  1. the sound driver is outdated;
  2. the latest version of Windows is not installed;
  3. there is a third-party application that interferes with the operation of the sound card;
  4. there is an error in the Realtek sound driver.
  5. the latest version of the Realtek driver is problematic.

How to fix if the sound doesn’t work on a Windows 10 PC?

First of all, install the latest drivers. To do this for Windows 10 is simple:

  • right-click the Start menu;
  • select Device Manager from the list;
  • expand the Sound, Audio, and Gaming Devices option;
  • right-click the sound driver and select the Update Driver option;
  • select the option to check for updates via the Internet.

After installing the update, restart your computer. Check if the problem is solved. Sometimes sound problems can occur due to outdated drivers. In this case, the only option is to download and install the latest drivers.

Sound does not work in Windows 10 – installing DriverFix

Some of the Windows errors are the result of using old or incompatible drivers. The absence of an updated system can lead to lags, system errors, or even a BSoD.

To avoid such problems, you can use an automatic tool – DriverFix. It will find, download and install the required driver version on your PC. Here’s how to do it:

  • download and install DriverFix (it’s free);
  • run the program;
  • wait until DriverFix detects all faulty drivers;
  • the software will now show all the drivers that have problems;
  • you just need to select the ones that need to be fixed.;
  • wait for DriverFix to download and install the latest drivers;
  • restart your computer – check the sound.

Sound format and reinstallation of sound drivers

Since the Technical Preview, incorrect audio format has often provoked audio errors in Windows 10. So just change the default audio format to get the sound back. Here:

  1. right-click the sound icon on the taskbar;
  2. select Open Sound Settings from the menu;
  3. in the Sound section, click Device Properties;
  4. go to the Advanced tab;
  5. change the audio format to one of the following parameters – 24 bit/44100 Hz or 24 bit/192000 Hz (depending on the speaker configuration).

If the problem is still not solved, you can try the following method. Restart the sound drivers. To do this, press Windows+X keys to open the Start menu settings. Now select Device Manager from the list.

Find the audio device. Right-click on it and select Delete Device from the menu. After removing the driver, click on the Scan for hardware changes icon.

Sometimes the current drivers may contain errors. In such cases, it is better to use the default driver. To do this, you first need to remove the current driver.

Important: Make sure that the correct output device is selected. Check if there is an error in the OS audio service.

Sound doesn’t work in Windows 10 – check the Windows Audio service

To do this is quite simple:

  • press Windows+R and type services.msc;
  • now press Enter or OK;
  • audio services are not responding to windows 10;
  • find Windows Audio and double-click on it to open its properties;
  • no sound in windows 10 speakers;
  • set the startup type to Automatic;
  • click the Start button to start the service;
  • Finally, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

If there is no sound from the laptop: if the service is already running and the automatic startup type is set, then you need to restart it. Of course, to fix the problem. Find the Windows Audio service. Right-click. Select Restart.

There is no Realtek sound in Windows 10 – disable sound enhancements

You need to make sure that the Windows Audio service is enabled so that the sound works correctly. Therefore, if there is no sound, the most likely cause is the Windows Audio service. Here’s what you can do:

  • open the Control Panel;
  • select a Sound;
  • select the sound card and click Properties;
  • when the Speaker Properties window opens, go to the Improvements tab;
  • check the Disable all improvements box;
  • click Apply and OK to save the changes.

Keep an eye out for operating system updates. After updates, the sound may fly off. In this case, it is better to roll back the update, or adapt the sound to it.