Oil Tycoon Gas Idle Factory – Tips

Нефтяной Магнат

Oil Tycoon Gas Idle Factory, also known as Petroleum Tycoon. A game for iOS and Android from AlexPlay LLC. In which the main goal is to become an extremely rich and successful oil baron.

You can pump oil in the United States or go to the Middle East. Hire people to pump it for you. You can play the markets and sell when the price is high. And then don’t forget to pay the tax inspector.

Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory

You can unlock more and more areas, including mines. And also find chests. Including elusive and rare silver and gold chests. In addition, you can also earn diamonds.

Diamonds in the Oil Tycoon are the premium currency of the game and can be worth all sorts of bonus points. But, at first, it will be necessary, almost manually, to extract oil. It will take some time before you can purchase an oil plant.

By the way, in reality everything is much more complicated. It should not be forgotten that an oil refinery is a dangerous production facility. Therefore, all precautions must be taken.

First of all, to prevent a man-made ecological catastrophe. In reality, registration of a hazardous production facility will be required, which can be carried out at the specified link.

How to get a lot of oil?

Your initial method of getting more oil will be to pump out manually yourself. For most of the game, this will also be the fastest method.

Also, when the phone vibrates, look for something other than oil that can jump out of the oil pump. This usually includes chests. But it can also include gems/diamonds and other goodies.

Tap on the map screen. And then click on the dollar sign icon to sell some of your oil. Try to sell when the market is high. If the price has turned green, it means the price of oil has increased. And vice versa, red is a drop in price.

If you are tired of waiting, there is nothing wrong with selling oil at the price of yellow. This is the average price. Otherwise, you will not earn as much money as you could. At the end of each transaction, you will be able to double your income from the sale.

To do this, watch the promotional video. Don’t forget to call the tax inspector whenever you sell your oil. This is necessary to pay the sales tax.

If you try to evade taxes, the tax inspector will come for you. So don’t forget to prevent this by paying what you owe. Take as many promotional video offers as possible.

Oil Tycoon – a lot of money

You can automatically pump and double the auto-pump speed. And also double the income from auto-downloading, doing nothing but watching video ads. Keep an eye out for all the other new areas that you can unlock as you progress through the game.

For example, unlock the Middle East and an Offshore Drilling Rig. Then you can set up auto-pumping. This happens automatically while you are online, but not when offline.

However, you can trick the game Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory to collect oil for you indefinitely.

To do this, you need to configure your phone so that it does not go into standby mode. And then go to bed with an active game on your phone. It is desirable that the phone is charged so that it does not turn off. In the morning, you can collect a large amount of oil accumulated overnight.

You can replace the oil tank and pump with cash, diamonds or make an in-app purchase. Some of the storage tanks are purely cosmetic. While other repositories have a real performance boost. For example, the volume or multiplier of income.