Hacked games – download or not?

взломанные игры

Hacked games on Android and iOS can be found on a huge number of sites. Such resources are vying to offer modified APKs with various improvements.

At the same time, the quality of many resources is questionable. More on that later. Downloading a mod for a lot of money, you are always at risk. However, few people think about it.

Although the desire to download the hacked version is quite understandable. Few people have enough free time to play the game on Android or iOS.

Hacked Games Benefits

In fact, there are not so many advantages. The hacked version of the game allows you to get in-game resources for free. In particular, the game currency. It also facilitates the process of passing and obtaining achievements.

For example, a mod for weapons allows you to open available types of weapons. However, such modifications are not suitable for all applications on Android or iOS. Often it all comes down to cheating the following parameters:

  • Money;
  • Energy;
  • Unlock levels;
  • Opening access to blocked content.

However, hacked games, APK mods have a significant drawback. As a rule, the game stops updating in this case. For example, mods for Minecraft can lead to the fact that the user will not be able to play on official servers.

In addition, the installed Minecraft game will stop updating. It should be noted that some games do not have any hacks at all. For example, a hacked Klondike is a myth. The game is linked to the server. Therefore, its modification is impossible.

Hacked games – disadvantages

Perhaps the main disadvantage is the risk of infection of the device. Often modified games contain malicious code. Although, this is not the only drawback of such applications. The disadvantages also include:

  1. Frequent bugs, buggies and crashes of the modified game;
  2. License violation;
  3. There is no update of the hacked game;
  4. Support is no longer available;
  5. Some game functions are disabled;
  6. Violation of the competitive moment;
  7. Account blocking.

Although, there are much more serious disadvantages of hacked games. Therefore, before downloading hacked games, think carefully. Is it worth it. In addition, if you want to download the mod, then be prepared for the following risks.

The danger of hacked applications

Despite the fact that hacked games are distributed for free, be prepared for possible costs. No, the game itself will not ask you to pay for anything. However, there are many risks that need to be taken into account. Namely:

  • Operating system failure;
  • Viruses in a hacked game;
  • Built-in miners;
  • Trojan programs, etc.

If you think that you can download a hacked version of the game safely for your device, then you are mistaken. The risk is extremely high. Quite a lot of sites are created specifically for the purpose of distributing infected applications.

Thus, fraudsters can steal your personal data. Therefore, they can gain access to your accounts and payment systems. Accordingly, to your money.

One more thing. If the operating system has failed due to a downloaded modified game, it will not be restored under warranty. Since this is not a warranty case. A smartphone or tablet will have to be restored for your own money.

Risks of obtaining root rights

Many hacked games require root rights. They won’t work without it. Moreover, the application may not install at all. For example, new versions of Android do not allow you to install modified games.

Before hacking Android, think about whether it needs to be done? The main problem is that you can ruin the firmware of your smartphone. Which happens quite often in practice.

Naturally, hacked simulation games and other genres are not worth it. Also note that obtaining root rights deprives you of warranty repairs. The service center will simply refuse you. You will flash the smartphone at your own expense.


It is better not to try to download hacked versions of games. As it was said, there are much more disadvantages than advantages. The risk is not commensurate with the benefits. First of all, you risk the security of your personal data. Always remember this!