How to launch a website without attachments?

Как запустить сайт без вложений

How to launch a website without attachments is a question that interests all novice webmasters. First of all, let’s answer this question in the affirmative. YES, you can create a website without attachments. And on this occasion there are many recommendations and tricks. You can even promote the site without attachments. And there are tricks here.

However, initially you should decide why you need this site. After all, the purpose of creating a resource depends on how it will be created. And also whether attachments will be needed. For example, in the promotion of a project, in ordering content or hiring staff. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the creation goals.

How to launch a personal website without attachments?

If the purpose of the resource establishment is to create a personal page on the web, then there are several options. First, you can consider creating a page on a social network or even in a messenger. It is convenient, you will not need to pay anything and maintenance is unnecessary. The service itself monitors the performance and safety.

Secondly, there are many resources that allow you to create author blogs. The most famous LiveJournal. You can consider this option. The benefits are the same as with social networks. All technical issues do not concern the author of the blog. You can focus only on creativity and publications.

Finally, you can take advantage of the offer of some hosters and create a website for free. However, it should be understood that in all these cases there are limitations and nuances. Often, such resources will not be able to be used for monetization.

How to launch a website without attachments?

What if we’re talking about a site designed to monetize content? In this case, you can use some tricks. And yet you manage to create a website without attachments.But, only at the first stage. Next, you will still need to invest effort and money in the project. Or put up with the existing restrictions.

First, let’s clarify, the site itself can be created for free. Here we mean a set of databases, pages with hypercode, pictures and text. One person can create a simple, even dynamic resource. But, it is much easier and faster to use the free CMS content management system.

For example, the most popular CMS at the moment:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • OpenCart
  • MODX
  • Magento

This greatly facilitates the process of creating a web project. Secondly, the created site must be hosted somewhere on the network. To do this, you should use the services of a hoster. Today, many hosters offer free hosting options. But, on their own terms. As a rule, this is a limitation of resources and advertising of the hoster on the site.

Creating a commercial website without investment

It’s another matter when it comes to creating a resource for a large organization. For example, a retail or wholesale store, enterprise, factory, etc. It makes sense to create a large and complex resource only if there is an intention to conduct online trading. Otherwise, you can do with a regular corporate website.

A resource with an individual design and a content management system cannot be free. Here you will have to spend money on the work of specialists. And also order serious hosting designed for high bandwidth. In addition, you will always need the services of a content manager and a webmaster.

Although there is a small loophole, which is possible with the availability of equipment. You can run the site on your own server. But, even in this case, you still have to spend money on acquiring a domain name. Thus, you can create a website without attachments, it is important to understand why!