How to Install Play Market

Android как установить Market

Not everyone knows how to install Play Market on Android OS. Basically for the simple reason that not most smartphones, this app is already available at purchase.

However, in some cases it may be necessary to reinstall. Or the application may be accidentally deleted. In this situation, the following tips from the article will be useful.

In some cases, it may be useful to install Android apps manually. For example, if you don’t have access to the Google Play Store. Or you don’t want to use it.

For example, you want to play apps on your device that are no longer available in the Google Play Store. In this case, you may need to reinstall the Play Market program.

How to install Play Market on Android?

Before proceeding to the recommendations, let’s find out the reasons when you need to install Play Market:

  1. The application has been removed;
  2. Play Market is not updated
  3. Unlicensed software is used;
  4. Testing a self-written application;
  5. Virus infection of the smartphone.

Often hacked games do not run due to the fact that the Google Play Store application simply does not allow this. In this case, many users simply delete this program from the official developer. Modified versions of the software are sometimes offered on forums.

In some cases, even licensed software may require updating Google services. Especially if we are talking about old smartphone models that have not been updated for a long time. For a number of reasons, the update is not happening as planned. In this case, it makes sense to delete the Play Market. And then re-install it.

How to Install Play Market

Before installing the application, you should ask about its current version. Of course, if the software is installed. The verification is easy to make using the following algorithm:

  • Go to Settings, then Applications and Notifications.
  • Find Google Play Market and click on it (you may have to click Show all apps beforehand).
  • Click Advanced and/or scroll down where you can see the version number.

This is important if you download the APK on any website. Try to choose the latest version. Then everything is very simple: download the APK of Google Play Market, install it and use it. You may have to reset the settings in advance. However, there are some nuances when installing on new versions.

Installing Google Play Market on Android Oreo and Android 10

On early versions of Android OS, you already know how to install Market. But, in Android Oreo and later versions than Pie and Android 10, manually installing the Google Play app is a bit more difficult. It is carried out as follows:

  1. Go to settings and find applications and notifications. Scroll down until you find a mobile browser, such as Google Chrome.
  2. Click on your browser and scroll down to the advanced section. There you will find unknown applications to install. Opens and selects allow from this source. You can disable this option after you are done.
  3. Go to the XDA Developer Forum or the APK Mirror website using the browser on your device to download the APK for the latest version of Play M
  4. You may get a warning that this type of file may damage your device, ignore it and click OK.
  5. Open the APK (you can click on the completed download in the notification menu), accept the new permissions (if any) requested by the new version of Play Market, and then click Install.

Installing Google Play Market using a computer

How do I install Play Market if you don’t have mobile data? Or there is no Wi-Fi connection on your device. Then you can download the APK to your computer. The same process is used as on a smartphone.

  1. But you need a file manager on your smartphone. If your device is not equipped with a pre-installed version. Download a file manager, for example, FX File Explorer. Allow him to install applications from unknown sources.
  2. Follow the same steps described for your mobile browser. Use the browser on your computer, go to the XDA Developers Forum. Or APK Mirror to download the APK file for the latest version of Play Market.
  3. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable, and copy the APK file to your Android device.
  4. Find the APK using the file manager.
  5. Run the APK, accepts permissions and clicks install.

Don’t forget to remove the installation permission from unknown sources. If you do not plan to install additional APK files. Now you know how to install Play Market. Then the application will update itself.