How to reboot Xiaomi Mi headphones?

Как перезагрузить наушники Xiaomi Mi

How to reboot Xiaomi Mi headphones? Many have faced such a question. Let’s consider 4 ways to reboot Xiaomi Mi headphones. All of these methods are factory reset.

Therefore, after restarting, you will have to reconnect the headphones to all devices. That is, to a phone, tablet, laptop, etc. First, be sure to disconnect the Xiaomi headphones from all the devices they are connected to.

Carefully check if there is no connection via WiFi or Bluetooth. In addition, the headphones must be charged. With a low charge, there will be no reset.

How to Reboot Xiaomi Mi Headphones – for Earbuds and AirDots

Important: Charge the headphones. Take your time, and carefully read the instructions below:

  1. pull the headphones out of the case;
  2. on each of them, hold the control button at the same time;
  3. hold the buttons clamped for 5 seconds;
  4. the red light should light up and the headphones will turn off;
  5. reset – hold down the buttons until the indicator flashes red and white at once;
  6. flashing should happen several times;
  7. the reset itself will take 15-50 seconds.

If everything worked out, then the reset was successful. Now return the headphones to the case. Wait 10 seconds. Take them out and wait until the indicator flashes. First quickly on both, then slowly and only on one.

Such blinks indicate synchronization with the device. If everything went fine, as in the instructions, then you can connect to your smartphone.

Reset using a case

The second option is more suitable for AirDots Pro and Mi True Wireless Headphones. The method of resetting using a case for those models that have a button on the case. It is with this button that you can reset to factory settings.

  • Important: charge your headphones;
  • you can open the lid of the case, you can not open it;
  • watch the indicator;
  • hold down the button on the case for about 20-40 seconds;
  • the indicator should light up/flash white and/or red (depending on the model).

After resetting, you can reconnect the headphones to your smartphone/phone. The third reset method is similar to the second. It is suitable for Xiaomi Air 2. In this case, you should open the case and DO NOT take out the headphones from there.

You need to hold down the touch buttons that sit at the top of the headphones. It is better to use two fingers (one finger for each button). You need to hold it for 10-20 seconds. In this case, the indicator will flash/light up. Actually, then you can connect.

How to reboot Xiaomi Mi headphones – reset in the case

This is the fourth way. It is similar to the last two methods. Also suitable for Xiaomi Mi, specifically for True Wireless Earbuds basic. As in other cases, they need to be charged:

  • open the case, do not pull out the headphones;
  • hold down the buttons for 15 seconds (up to 50 seconds can be held).

The indicators should now light up or blink. Then you need to pull the headphones out of the case. Wait until synced. Then you can connect to devices. If it didn’t work out the first time, then the reset can be repeated.