How to disinfect a phone at home

Как дезинфицировать телефон

How to disinfect a phone (smartphone) and why do I need to do it? The reasons can be very different. In particular, during the flu wave, you should disinfect your phone regularly.

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, it makes sense to learn more information about how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the disease.

Everyone from the school course should know how to destroy bacteria and viruses. However, not everyone remembers this a few years later, after graduation.

Therefore, it would not be superfluous to recall these simple hygiene rules. Disinfecting a mobile phone is not difficult, you just need to be careful in handling the device.

How to disinfect a phone?

Smartphone or mobile phone, touch the environment every day. In addition to fingerprints, there remains hand cream, makeup. As well as bacteria and viruses that you had on your fingers before. Therefore, disinfect your phone regularly. And daily cleaning needs to be carried out.

It is recommended to clean your smartphone daily with a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. You can use paper napkins or cotton pads to remove makeup. The main thing is that they do not leave lint. However, wet wipes, sprays and aggressive detergents should be avoided when cleaning the smartphone screen.

Tips for disinfecting your phone

  1. If you have a protective film on the screen, you can disinfect the screen with a damp cloth or special wipes to clean the screen;
  2. In this case, you can also use disinfectant wipes;
  3. It is best to try in advance to rub with a napkin in a small inconspicuous area. This is necessary to make sure that the film does not change as a result of contact with the appropriate disinfectant;
  4. According to Apple representatives, a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol is suitable for effective fight against viruses and bacteria. It is excellent as a fat solvent. And also perfectly removes possible pathogens, killing germs, washing away viruses;
  5. Keep in mind that you should not spray the product or other disinfectant sprays directly on the screen of your phone. First, apply them on a soft cloth, and then start wiping the display;
  6. Then wipe the entire surface of the device with a cloth. This will help prevent liquid from getting into the holes of your phone;
  7. However, remember that isopropyl alcohol should also not be applied to leather or fabric surfaces. Some types of materials may be damaged as a result of exposure to alcohol. Mobile phone cases made of other materials, such as PU leather, must be otherwise disinfected.

In the store or online you can find many different disinfectants containing isopropyl alcohol. You can also look for special tools for cleaning and disinfecting your smartphone.