BIOS password – how to reset the password on a laptop

Пароль на BIOS

The BIOS password can be set for a variety of reasons. Its main function is to protect settings from unauthorized access. In some cases, the password is set by the distributor.

This is done so that the user uses the settings recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, the password is able to protect against virus penetration into the BIOS. In any case, there may be a situation where access to the BIOS is necessary.

BIOS password – reset on PC

There is a slight difference in the methods of resetting the BIOS password on a personal computer and laptop/netbook. It’s much easier to reset your password on a PC. Since the user can open the lid of the system unit at any time and reset it.

BIOS reset on the PC is carried out as follows:

  • You can pull out the battery on the motherboard and wait for about 5 minutes. This time is enough for the BIOS settings to be reset. Including the password. It is better to do this with the system unit disconnected from the network.
  • First of all, you should disconnect the PC from the network. Then you need to find the appropriate contacts on the board. They are identified as CLRTC. Presented in the form of a “jumper”. These contacts should be closed for 10-15 seconds. As a result, the BIOS password and settings will be reset.

Naturally, after these operations, you should configure the BIOS. For example, to set the order of loading HDD, SDD or DVD. However, these methods are difficult to implement on a laptop.

Since you will have to open the case to access the CLRTC jumper or battery. Which, first of all, is a rather complicated procedure. Therefore, you should use a different way.

Resetting the BIOS password on the laptop

How to reset the BIOS password without disassembling the laptop? First of all, note that these methods may not work on all models. It all depends on the device manufacturer and BIOS. Let’s consider two methods of password reset without disassembling the device.

In the first case, the BIOS password generator is used. Such services are provided by a fairly large number of resources on the network. To do this, you need to get the technical code of the device.

This is done as follows:

  • You need to enter any BIOS password several times in a row;
  • As a result, a message about the laptop lock will appear;
  • A technical code or number will also appear. For example: Key: 99861354;
  • Next, select Enter Unlock Password and enter the generated code.

It should be noted that on some models, the code may be designated differently. For example: System Disabled [45758] or Service Tag [94hd8e9]. In any case, you should use this code to generate a password.

Resetting the BIOS password on the laptop using Debug

The Debug program is included in the standard set of Windows OS. If you use this operating system, then the following method will suit you. To call the utility, enter the debug command in the command line.

Next, enter the following commands for BIOS AMI BIOS and AWARD:

About 70 17

About 73 17


If Phoenix BIOS is used, then you need to use the following commands:

70 FF

71 FF


These commands cause a crash in the BIOS program. As a result, it restarts with standard values and without a password. It is better to use this method when others have failed.